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We provide professional installation of air-conditioning and various household electrical appliances. We also offer air-conditioning cleaning, repair and maintenance services. Welcome to inquire.

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From 2024-01-01 Free 1 year onsite maintenance
After the project is completed

Third-party accident insurance
And Labor insurance

Electricity contractor license
And minor works License

For customers who requires installation services from us, in order to avoid disputes, please note that we had bought third party liability insurance and employees' compensation insurance, thank you for your attention.
Customers who purchase regulated electrical appliances can make a request for Free Statutory Removal Service for the same type of used electrical appliances. In case customer has an urgent need, we can also arrange paid Upgraded Removal Service upon customer's request.
If the guest needs to be inspected, the master will charge a fee of $180.
Due to the process of the ordering process, the inspection fee of $180 is not refunded after customer ordered.
Inverter Split Type Air Conditioners & Window Split Type Air Conditioners *Short-term promotions, any changes will be made without prior notice, please note
Cooling Capacity  Windowsill(or with frame) Set up new frame
3/4-1 HP $1,650 $400
1.5 HP $1,750 $400
2.0 HP $1,950 $400
2.5 HP $2,600 $400
3.0 HP $3,000 $500
3.5 HP $3,490 $500
4.0 HP $3,890 $500
Standard installation includes:
12ft refrigerant pipe
12 ft inverter wire (applicable on inverter model)
Drain hose and power cable
4 pcs shock-absorbing rubber (2mm)
Standard installation does not include:
Aluminum frame
Pull the wire and socket or extend the power cord
Chiselling walls, remove anti-theft iron bars and grilles
Cut and remove large or extra thick glass
Paint color matching, glass matching, disassembly and assembly of wooden corridors and other decoration projects
Move the machine up and down the stairs
Four-sided exhaust / ceiling type / floor type split air-conditioner installation
Cooling Capacity Charges (windowsill installation only)
2.0 HP $2,390
2.5 HP $2,890
3.0 HP $3,390
4.0 HP $4,190
5.0 HP $4,890
Machine removal $500
If you need to upgrade the removal service (need to indicate when placing the order) $100
If you need to upgrade the removal service (on-site decision) $200
*Include a 12ft refrigerant copper pipe with heat insulation net, drain pipe and control wire (exposed installation), one glass hole
*Customers will need to provide electricity to the machine
Installation surcharges (including work and materials):
Split air conditioners Surcharges
Installation item Fee
Remove the old machine & disposal *Free disposal does not include no elevator service provide, charges are negotiable. $300
Connected with extra-long refrigerant copper pipe with insulation (3/4-1 HP) (per foot) $50
Connected with extra-long refrigerant copper pipe with insulation (1.5 HP) (per foot) $60
copper pipe with insulation (2.0 HP) (per foot) $70
copper pipe with insulation (2.5 HP) (per foot) $80
Connect to extra-long inverter cable (per foot) $20
Sound-proof rubber (per unit) $150
Remove aluminum windows to restore $150
Sealing glass $300
Remove the edge of an aluminum window (per edge) $150
Change socket bottom (per unit) $150
Change socket jack (per unit) $50
Outdoor unit power supply (per foot) $20
Working at heights $300
Drill wall hole (sand brick wall) $300
Emergency Switch $150
Waterproof isolator $450
Hidden water pipe with cement (per foot) $300
Connect the electricity from the distribution board (Include a 15ft wire and safety lock) $600
Split the electricity from one socket (include a 10ft wire) $250
Extra inverter wire (per foot) $20
Extra wire (per foot) $20
Plastic shell to cover the refrigerant pipe (per foot) $150
Cooker switch $150
Scaffolding (8ft height x 8ft width) from $3,200
Tung Chung and Ma Wan (per job) $200
Discovery Bay and Outlying Islands (per job) $400, 3 or more items $600
*The above installation fees are only suitable for Hong Kong/Kowloon/New Territories quotation, outlying islands will be subject to additional fees
*The charge for removing the old machine is only applicable when the removing works are carried out under safe conditions
Other remarks for Split Type Air Conditioner installation
a. Air-conditioners can only be installed on windowsills that are stable and with sufficient space.
b. The installation works are under the responsibility of the engineering contractor, and the product distributor is responsible for the warranty and maintenance of the products in accordance with the warranty terms.
*Warranty includes: (I) Frame (II) Water leakage due to poor sealing (III) Refrigerant leakage caused by poor refrigerant hose connection
*Warranty and repairs do not include: scaffolding and safety racks, which must be provided by the customer. Problems caused by poor maintenance (such as water leakage due to insufficient regular maintenance of the air-conditioner drain pipe)
If the customer cover or modify the air-conditioning or other materials, the customer will be responsible for future inspection or maintenance, disassembly and restoration.
c. The installation works are undertaken by government-approved minor works contractors who directly assume all installation responsibilities and third party insurance.
d. After the installation, if the customer wants to change the installation position, additional quotation with charges will be required. If an on-site inspection and repair is required, that will cost $180/time.
e. We are not responsible for applying for electricity meters or ventilation licenses on behalf of customers.
f. Regarding the installation project and location, the customer must obtain permission from relevant parties, such as the owner, the building management office, the Housing Department, etc., and the customer must also consider the possibility of installation in advance, otherwise all consequences will be borne by the customer.

Air Conditioners Cleaning Service
Window Type 3/4 HP - 1.0 HP $490
Window Type 1.5 HP - 2.0 HP $590
Window Type 2.5 HP - 3.0 HP $690
Split Type 3/4 HP - 1.0 HP $790
Split Type 1.5 HP - 2.0 HP $890
Split Type 2.5 HP - 3.0 HP $990
Split Type (Ceiling or Cassette Type) 2.0 HP - 2.5 HP $1190
Split Type (Ceiling or Cassette Type) 3.0 HP - 4.0 HP $1290
Split Type (Ceiling or Cassette Type) 5.0 HP - 6.0 HP $1390

**Installation fee table above quote is the designated contractor responsible for BUILT-IN PRO**
**Such as by other agents or other contractors deilvery fee/installation fee will be different. For more information, please contact us.**
1. For above of installation service:if any special demand, costumer must illustrate to us before installation or when inspection.
2. Any details if demand by customer, will be marked down on the invoice.
3. Goods receipt upon signature, the Company or the engineering company will only responsible of the terms before customer or the consignee receipt, there will not be responsible for other terms.
4. Installation site supervised persons of receipt (including the customer himself or anyone else) will be deemed to customers authorize of consignee, but also on behalf of customer's wishes.
5. Above are designated engineering installation works contractors responsible and warranty, please keep the installation receipt.
6. If there are any price changes of installation service, we will not provide any prior notice, prices of installation service is determined by the final quote.
7. If there the installation location contains any special environment, which makes the installation more difficult, or may cause dangerous situations, additional charges are required.
8.The customer should first negotiate with the installer to reach a consensus, and agree on a satisfactory plan before proceeding any work.
9.The project fee is mutually determined and agreed by the customer and the installer based on the actual environment on site, so after the installation work is completed, the customer will not be eligible to make any complaints or pursue, or refuse to pay any charges incurred.
10. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes, the company recommends that customers take a complete inspection before purchasing any product to avoid any misunderstanding.
11. The prices is only available on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories. There will be an extra charge for delivery to Tung Chung and Ma Wan of Hong Kong special administrative region.
12. For installation services of all products in outlying islands, Tung Chung, Ma Wan and Discovery Bay, customers are required to pay additional charges for remote areas.
13. Standard installation does not include the delivery location which is no elevator service provide (Include Removal Service) 14. Installation date and time authentic by the Engineering Department / Installer
15. In the event of sudden weather changes, typhoons, thunderstorms, Black Rainstorm Warning Signal, Red Rainstorm Warning Signal, etc., all installations and delivery services will be postponed. We appreciate your understanding.
15.The gas hob and the type hood should be installed according to the installation guidelines. Or, without any guidelines given, with reference to Consumer Council’s guide, maintain a vertical distance of at least 650mm between the filter and gas hob, so as to avoid flame burning.
16. If appliance cannot be installed directly on the floor, but needs to be lifted up or down, or over obstacles such as basin or closet etc. 10 inches or more to the installation place, the customer will be required to absorb the additional fee.